Rent a crane for lifting and hauling-out boats and yachts

Looking for a crane to lift boats? Crane Compare connects you with top crane rental services across the USA. Easily lift boats into or out of the water and position them accurately. Find crane services specializing in boat handling, available to help you wherever you need.

Your quick guide to the right crane rental service for boats

Crane Compare's quick guide simplifies boat hauling, detailing everything from selecting the appropriate crane to navigating rental costs, prioritizing safety, and managing necessary permits. Ensure your boat lifting project is executed seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Crane rental for handling boats

Mobile and telescopic cranes are preferred for their flexibility in lifting boats in and out of water, accommodating various sizes and weights.

Average rental cost

The cost to rent a mobile crane for boat hauling typically ranges from $400 to $1,200 per day, depending on the crane's capacity and the complexity of the operation.

Average duration

The process of hauling a boat out or placing it in the water can take several hours, factoring in setup and secure placement.

Crane operator

Use mobile crane operators skilled in marine operations to handle the unique challenges of lifting boats.

Safety practises

Prioritize safety by choosing crane services with experience in marine environments and boats to ensure careful handling while minimizing impact on marine life and environment.

Permit requirements

Check for any local permits or regulations related to crane operations near waterways or in marinas and ensure all permits are in place.

Insurance coverage

Confirm that the crane rental includes insurance that covers potential damages to the boat during lifting and transportation.

Weather conditions

Schedule boat lifting operations for calm weather conditions avoiding strong winds to ensure safety and prevent delays.

Coordination with marina

Work closely with marinas or storage facilities to coordinate the lifting operation, ensuring it aligns with facility guidelines and schedules.

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Get competitive crane rental rates for hauling boats in three simple steps! Start by picking your crane. Then, tell us about your boat or yacht lifting requirements. Finally, sit back and get the best offers from local crane companies sent to you direct. Fast, easy, and cost-effective.
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With Crane Compare, discovering the best crane rental services for boats to be hauled-out or placed in the water nearby is simple. Easily connect with local, top-rated crane businesses right in your city. Get the right crane solution, exactly where you need it.
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