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Secure the best fixed crane rental offers in just three simple steps! First, specify what you need a fixed crane for. Next, let us know the location and timeframe of your project. Finally, relax as top fixed crane rental companies reach out to you with their competitive quotes. It's fast, easy, and designed to save you both time and money.
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Quick tips to choosing the right static crane

Guide to different types of fixed cranes

Tower Cranes

Towering over construction sites, these cranes are perfect for tall buildings and large-scale projects, offering unmatched height and lifting capacity.

Hammerhead Cranes

Known for their distinctive shape, these cranes provide excellent reach and rotational ability, ideal for heavy lifting in confined spaces.

Self-Erecting Fixed Cranes

Perfect for smaller sites and quick projects, these cranes are easy to set up and operate, offering flexibility and efficiency.

Top-Slewing Cranes

With their high load capacity and extensive reach, these cranes are a staple in major construction projects, excelling in both height and versatility.

Luffing Jib Tower Cranes

These cranes offer a variable working radius, allowing them to work in tight spaces, especially in urban environments with height restrictions.

Gantry Cranes

Essential in shipyards and ports, these cranes move along rails and are perfect for loading and unloading heavy containers and materials.

Jib Cranes

Ideal for industrial tasks, these cranes are great for repetitive lifting and moving of goods within a limited radius, enhancing productivity in workshops and warehouses.
What types of projects are best suited for fixed cranes?
Fixed cranes are ideal for large-scale construction projects, especially those requiring heavy lifting over a long period.

They are commonly used in building high-rise structures, bridges, and large industrial facilities. Their stability and robust lifting capacity make them perfect for tasks where the crane needs to be stationary and handle heavy loads, such as in skyscraper construction or large infrastructure projects.
How much can a fixed crane lift?
A fixed crane can typically lift heavy loads ranging from 10 to 20 tons, with larger models capable of lifting up to hundreds of tons.
What kinds of things can a fixed crane lift?
Fixed cranes are designed to lift heavy and bulky items with ease. They can handle a wide range of materials, from concrete and steel beams to large machinery and prefabricated sections of buildings.

The specific lifting capacity depends on the crane model, but generally, fixed cranes can lift several tons, making them key for major construction and industrial operations.
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FAQ about fixed crane rental with Crane Compare

How does renting a fixed crane with Crane Compare work?
Crane Compare makes renting a fixed crane straightforward. Follow our easy step-by-step guide:
  • Find Your Fixed Crane
    Start by exploring fixed crane options on Crane Compare. Check out various rental companies, examine their fixed crane fleets, and read customer reviews. This helps you identify the best option for your project.
  • Connect with Rental Companies
    Direct Contact
    If a specific fixed crane or rental company stands out, you can reach out to them directly through our platform. This approach allows for a personalized conversation about your crane rental needs.
    Quick Quote
    Or, opt for Quick Quote for a more streamlined approach. Input your project specifics and get custom quotes from multiple fixed crane rental companies. It’s an effective way to compare offers and secure the best value.
  • Finalize Your Rental
    After choosing a rental company, finalize the agreement with them. This direct method cuts out the middleman and guarantees a transparent and hassle-free rental process, ensuring the fixed crane meets your project's exact needs.
With Crane Compare, renting a fixed crane is clear-cut, easy, and customized to your requirements. Whether for construction, industrial tasks, or specific projects, we help you find the right fixed crane at the rate that works for you.
What's the difference between Bare vs. Operated fixed crane rentals?

Bare Fixed Crane Rental

This option provides just the fixed crane. You're responsible for hiring a certified operator, managing maintenance, repairs, and ensuring proper insurance. It's generally more budget-friendly and suitable if you have the resources to independently manage these aspects of the crane operation.

Operated and Maintained Static Crane Service

This comprehensive service generally includes the fixed or static crane, a professional operator, as well as setup, transportation, and insurance. It's ideal for those who prefer a complete, hassle-free package, especially beneficial for complex projects requiring expert handling.

Keep in mind that services may vary between rental companies in Fixed Crane. It's important to clarify with the provider exactly what their fixed crane rental services cover.
What are the average rental rates and costs for fixed cranes?
The average rental rates for fixed cranes in the USA vary based on the crane type, size, and rental duration. On average, a daily rental rate for a non-operated fixed crane can range from $1,000 to $2,500 per day. For operated fixed cranes, the daily rate, including operator costs, can range from $1,800 to $3,500 per day. Keep in mind, fixed cranes are typically not rented hourly due to their installation and operational requirements.
How long can I rent a fixed crane?
The rental duration for a fixed crane is usually flexible and depends on your project's needs. While there's no standard rental period, most companies offer rentals from a few days to several months. Long-term rentals may also be available for extensive projects, with possible discounts for extended rental periods.
Do I need special permissions or licenses to rent a fixed crane?
Yes, renting and operating a fixed crane typically requires special permissions and licenses. The renter or operator needs to comply with local building codes, safety regulations, and have the necessary crane operating licenses. Additionally, permits may be required for crane installation and operation, depending on your project's location and scope.
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