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Which mini crane do you need?

Your guide to mini crane rental

Crane Compare's quick insights and overview for renting mini cranes, covers key aspects to consider, helping you to choose the right mini crane for the job.

Types of mini cranes

Mini cranes come in several types, including spider cranes, electic mini cranes, and small crawler cranes. These cranes are used for precision in confined spaces, such as indoor renovations.

Average rental rates

Average rental rates for mini cranes can range from $400 to $1000 per day, influenced by the crane's capacity, rental length, and specific project needs.

Average duration

The average rental duration is typically a 4 hours to one full day, depending on the project. Mini cranes are rented for durations ranging from a half-day to long-term leases.

Mini crane lifting capacity

Mini cranes lifting capacity ranges from about 200 kilograms to over 10 tons. They can handle various objects, including construction materials like steel beams, home installations like hot tubs, and delicate items such as sculptures, artwork and glass panels.

Mini crane operator expertise

Operators of mini cranes need to be certified and experienced, especially in maneuvering in tight spaces and handling delicate tasks.

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FAQ about mini crane rental with Crane Compare

How does renting a small / mini crane with Crane Compare work?
Renting a mini crane with Crane Compare is easy. Follow these simple steps:
  • Find the mini crane you want
    Browse Crane Compare to see various mini cranes and rental companies. Check out their fleets and customer reviews to find the best match for your project.
  • Connect with rental companies
    Contact companies directly through our platform for a personalized discussion, or use the Quick Quote feature to get fast, tailored quotes from several providers.
  • Finalize your rental
    Choose a rental company and finalize your agreement directly with them, free from intermediaries.
With Crane Compare, you get a transparent and straightforward rental experience with the company you choose, ensuring you find the perfect mini crane service for your needs.
What is a mini crane suited to lift?
Mini cranes are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of lifting tasks. They are ideal for moving heavy construction materials, such as steel beams, glass panels, and concrete blocks.

In landscaping, they can lift and position large trees or stones.

For indoor use, such as in warehouses or factories, they are perfect for moving machinery or large inventory items.

In urban settings, mini cranes assist in installing art installations or signage in tight spaces.

Small cranes are also used in repair and maintenance work, like HVAC installations or repairing machinery in confined industrial spaces.
Are all mini cranes operated? Do I need an operator?
Some mini cranes require a trained operator, while others, like self-erecting or remote-controlled models, can be operated by the renter with proper training. Check with your rental company to see if they provide an operator or if training is available.
Which small cranes are remote-controlled?
Many modern mini cranes, especially spider cranes and certain models of electric mini cranes, are designed with remote control capabilities. These remote-controlled cranes offer enhanced safety and precision, as operators can maneuver the crane from a safe distance and with a clear view of the lifting area.

This feature is particularly useful in tight or hazardous environments. It's important to check with the rental company about the availability of remote-controlled models and any additional training required for their operation.
Can mini cranes be used indoors?
Yes, many mini and small cranes, especially electric models, are designed for indoor use. They are compact, emission-free, and suitable for tight spaces found in indoor environments.
See all frequently asked questions about crane rentals with Crane Compare, and don't miss our checklist for key things to consider before renting a mini crane.
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