Your guide to crane rentals in the USA with Crane Compare

Crane Compare's guide lifts the lid on effortless crane rentals in the United States. Gear up, whether you're a first-timer or a crane-savvy veteran. Let us hoist you into the know on comparing, renting, and snagging competitive quotes for cranes with us in 2024.

What is Crane Compare?

Crane Compare is changing how you find and compare crane rentals in the USA. We connect you with top-rated companies, ensuring you get the best quotes, not just any. Our approach is quick, smart, and effective, leading to competitive pricing and quality, and guaranteeing value in every choice.

How does Crane Compare work?

Crane Compare is your go-to platform, bridging the gap between you and the crane rental company you are looking for. Our comparison website is designed to simplify your rental process, from selection to agreement.

Here’s how we make finding the right crane for your project as easy as 1-2-3:
  • Find and research local crane businesses
    Discover crane companies near you. Read their reviews, explore their fleet, and understand what they offer.
  • Connect directly
    Found a crane company in our directory that meets your needs? Reach out to them directly for clear, personalized communication.

    Or, for even more convenience, opt for Quick Quote. It's a simple way to compare multiple offers, ensuring you find the best deal for your project.
  • Rent the Perfect Crane
    Finalize your rental agreement directly with the crane company. This direct method removes third-party complexities, ensuring you can easily confirm the crane's suitability for your project and enjoy a transparent, straightforward rental process.

What is Crane Compare's Quick Quote? How does it work?

Can't find the ideal crane in our directory, or don't want the hassle of contacting companies one by one? Quick Quote is your answer. It's fast, easy, and designed to save you time and money in your crane rental search.

Let us know the details
Start by telling us the type of crane you need – mobile, fixed, or operated – and the specifics of your project, including location, duration, and lifting requirements.

We handle the matchmaking.
Once we have your details, we send them to top-rated crane rental companies in our network that match your criteria. This streamlined process eliminates the hassle of searching and comparing options on your own.

Receive direct. Competitive quotes.
Crane companies from our network will contact you directly with their most competitive quotes. This not only saves time but also sparks a competitive environment, offering you a variety of options and the potential for better deals.
Can't find the right company, or overwhelmed by options?

Quick Quote is your shortcut to saving time and money

Receive quotes directly from top-rated crane companies that match your requirements, ensuring competitive pricing and quality options.

Where does Crane Compare cover?

Crane Compare covers every state across the USA. From the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between, we connect you with local crane rental services. No matter your location, we're here to help you find the right crane for your project.
The Crane Rental Directory

Find local crane rental companies

Pick your location and instantly connect with local crane rental companies. From New York to California, we make finding nearby crane rentals quick and hassle-free.

Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tampa, Washington DC, and many more cities throughout the USA.

What types of cranes are available for rent?

Crane Compare makes finding the right crane for your project in the USA easy. We don't rent out cranes ourselves, but we help you quickly compare rates from various crane rental companies.

Need a tower crane for a high-rise project or a gantry crane for heavy industrial work? We'll guide you to the right sources. Working in an urban area? Our platform will show you where to find truck-mounted and boom truck cranes that are perfect for the job.

For tough terrain, we'll connect you with options for rough terrain and crawler cranes. And if your project requires flexibility, look into all-terrain and telescopic mobile cranes through our service. Even for those tight spaces, we can help you locate spider cranes or mini cranes.

And if your project needs a crane with an operator, we'll point you to the right rental companies.

With Crane Compare, you get a straightforward path to comparing and choosing the best crane rental for your needs, without any hassle.

How to choose which crane is right for my project?

Choosing the ideal crane is critical for your project's success, whether it's for a spa installation, skyscraper construction, or moving heavy equipment.

From versatile mobile cranes ideal for varied terrains and tasks to towering fixed cranes for large-scale constructions, and operated cranes for specialized projects requiring precision, you can find it all at Crane Compare.

To make the best choice, evaluate key factors such as the size of your project, the terrain of the site, your specific lifting requirements, how long you'll need the crane, and the accessibility of your project location. This approach ensures you find the crane that aligns perfectly with your project's demands.


Guide to selecting the right crane

At Crane Compare, we guide you in selecting the perfect crane, tailored to your task. Check out our guide to choosing the right crane for your project.

What crane do you recommend for my specific lifting needs?

Having trouble deciding on the right crane for your project? Crane Compare has organized the options by popular demand to help streamline your choice.
Lifting something else? Crane compare is here to help, just let us know what you need a crane to lift and we will advise you on both the right crane and local companies ready for the task!

Bare crane rental vs. Operated and maintained crane service: Which to choose?

When it comes to crane rentals, understanding the difference between bare crane rental and operated and maintained services is key to making the best choice for your project.

Bare Crane Rental

In this option, you're renting just the crane. This generally includes the responsibility of hiring a certified operator, taking care of maintenance, and managing repairs. It also requires you to handle insurance needs. This choice is cost-effective for those who have the expertise and resources to manage a crane.

Operated and Maintained Crane Service

This service offers a comprehensive package. It generally includes not only the crane but also a professional operator, as well as taking care of setup, transportation, and insurance. This option is ideal for a hassle-free experience, especially for complex projects that require expert handling.

Remember, the specifics of these services can vary from one rental company to another. It's important to discuss and confirm exactly what each company's service entails. Your decision should align with your project requirements, budget, and your ability to manage crane-related operations.

How much does renting a crane cost in the USA?

Renting a crane can vary in cost due to several factors. Here’s what impacts the cost:
  • Demand
    More construction means higher demand and prices.
  • Crane Type
    Costs vary significantly across different crane models. From economical mini cranes to high-priced large cranes, the type plays a big role.
  • Lifting Capacity
    The more a crane can lift, the higher the cost. High-capacity cranes come at a premium.
  • Location
    Rental prices aren't uniform across the USA. Prices differ from state to state, even county to county.
  • Rental Duration
    Longer rentals generally cost more, but look out for long-term rental discounts.
Keep these in mind for a rough idea of rental costs. Better yet, let Crane Compare help you. By comparing options through us, you get to weigh costs against quality and availability. We’re your shortcut to balance cost, quality, and choice, ensuring you get the best deal for your project.

What size crane do I need?

Choosing the right crane size is essential for ensuring safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Use our streamlined quick quote system to match your project's specific dimensions with the ideal crane from our extensive network. Just input your project's key dimensions, which include:
Project Dimensions Details
H (Height) The height of the structure near the crane operation.
L (Load) The weight of the load that the crane will lift.
W1 (Width 1) The distance from the crane to the nearest face of the structure.
W2 (Width 2) The distance from the structure's face to the exact center where the load will be placed.

Key Notes for Setup
  • Check for clear and easy access to the area where the crane will be set up.
  • Assess and note the type of ground surface where the crane will be positioned.
  • Identify and report any overhead hazards such as power lines, trees, etc.
  • Ensure all distances are precisely measured using a tape measure.

What is the availability and duration of the rental?

The availability and duration of crane rentals vary depending on the specific crane rental companies you connect with through Crane Compare.

Our comparison platform offers a wide selection of rental services, each with its own scheduling and availability. Whether you need a crane for a short-term project or a longer-term construction job, you can find options that suit your timeline.

We recommend specifying your desired rental period when requesting quotes or contacting rental companies. This way, you can receive information tailored to your project's timeframe, ensuring the crane you need is available for the exact duration required.

Remember, Crane Compare helps you explore and compare rental options, but the actual booking details, including availability and rental duration, are finalized directly with the rental service providers.

Thing to consider before renting a crane?

Choosing the right crane for your project is just the beginning. Crane Compare's checklist is designed to guide both new and seasoned renters towards a successful rental experience.

Renting a crane involves more than just the equipment. Key actions include verifying the crane operator's qualifications, understanding the rental company's insurance coverage, and ensuring compliance with environmental and safety regulations for your project.

Additionally, securing the right permits, properly preparing your site, and fully understanding the rental agreement, including emergency procedures and responsibilities, are crucial steps.

Please note, Crane Compare acts as a connector between you and rental companies, without managing these companies directly. It's important for you, as the renter, to directly perform all necessary checks and verifications with the rental company to ensure a smooth and safe rental experience.

Considerations and questions to ask before renting a crane

You've picked your crane company and locked in a great rate. Now, just a few more boxes to tick off with our Crane Compare checklist to ensure things run smoothly.

Does Crane Compare handle payments or rent cranes directly?

No, Crane Compare does not engage in negotiations or handle payments for crane rentals. We are a facilitator, connecting you directly with a diverse range of crane rental services across the USA.

While we help you find the appropriate rental service, all negotiations and payment transactions are conducted directly between you and the crane rental companies. This approach means no middleman, giving you the flexibility to negotiate terms and prices that best suit your project needs, leading to better deals and a more transparent booking experience.

Our platform is designed to streamline your search for crane rentals, but the negotiation and payment process remains in your hands for maximum control and clarity.

Should I rent or buy a crane?

When you're figuring out whether to rent or buy a crane, it's about striking the right balance for your project's demands and your budget.

Going the Rental Route makes most sense if your projects are short-term or if you need different types of cranes for various jobs. It’s convenient because you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, and it doesn’t require a big upfront investment. Renting is like having the flexibility to match exactly what you need for the job at hand, without the extra baggage.

On the other hand, choosing to Buy a Crane can be the better financial decision in the long run, especially if you're looking at frequent use over many years. The initial cost might be high, but it pays off if you're using it all the time. Plus, you get the benefit of purchasing the a crane to fit your exact needs, and it’s always available, no waiting required.

The verdict

The decision of buying or renting a crane really comes down to how often you're going to need the crane and financial considerations. If you’re constantly in the middle of projects and can justify the initial expense, buying might save you money over time. But if your needs are more sporadic or varied, or you prefer not to handle maintenance, then renting could be the way to go.