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Get quick mobile crane rental deals in three easy steps! First, let us know what you need a mobile crane to lift. Next, tell us about your project location and date. Then, sit back as mobile crane rental companies send you their best quotes. It's fast, easy, and tailored to save you both time and money.
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Which mobile crane do you need?



Quick tips to choosing the right mobile crane

Guide to different types of mobile cranes

All-Terrain Cranes

Highly versatile, ideal for various terrains and capable of lifting heavy loads efficiently.

Truck-Mounted Cranes

Optimal for rapid deployment in urban settings, combining mobility with powerful lifting.

Rough Terrain Cranes

Specially designed for rugged, off-road sites with enhanced stability and strength.

Telescopic Cranes

Offers exceptional flexibility in height, perfect for tasks requiring variable reach.

Crawler Cranes

Excellent for stability on uneven grounds, ideal for substantial lifting tasks in challenging environments.

Boom Truck Cranes

Provides adaptable height and reach, suitable for a range of projects from urban construction to industrial applications.

Spider Cranes

Ideal for tight spaces and precise lifting, with a unique design for stability in confined areas.

Mini Cranes

Compact and efficient, ideal for indoor use and tight spaces where maneuverability is key.
How to rent the right size portable crane?
Project Dimensions Details
H (Height) The height of the structure near the crane operation.
L (Load) The weight of the load that the mobile crane will lift.
W1 (Width 1) The distance from the crane to the nearest face of the structure.
W2 (Width 2) The distance from the structure's face to the exact center where the load will be placed.

Key Notes for Setup
  • Check for clear and easy access to the area where the crane will be set up.
  • Assess and note the type of ground surface where the crane will be positioned.
  • Identify and report any overhead hazards such as power lines, trees, etc.
  • Ensure all distances are precisely measured using a tape measure.
What can a mobile crane lift?
The lifting capacity of mobile cranes on Crane Compare ranges from 1 ton to more than 100 tons, meeting different project needs.

Mobile cranes are versatile, designed to lift a wide variety of items, catering to needs across different sectors.

  • Lifting steel beams and concrete blocks for building structures.
  • Installing windows and roofing materials in high-rise projects.
  • Moving heavy machinery, generators, and HVAC units.
  • Relocating equipment within factories or warehouses.
Home and Community Projects
  • Installing hot tubs, spas, and small swimming pools.
  • Placing boats into water or moving them for storage.
  • Transplanting mature trees or large planters.
  • Placing large sculptures or art installations in public spaces or gardens.
Mobile cranes stand out as a key player in not just construction and industrial spheres, but in enhancing our homes and communities with their broad lifting capabilities.
Step 2.
Tell us about your project.



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FAQ about mobile crane rental with Crane Compare

How does renting a mobile crane with Crane Compare work?
Crane Compare simplifies the process of renting a mobile crane. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works:
  • Find Your Mobile Crane
    Begin by exploring mobile and portable crane options on Crane Compare. Browse through a range of rental companies, review their mobile crane fleets, and read customer feedback. This helps you understand what each company offers and find the right fit for your project.
  • Connect with Rental Companies
    Direct Contact
    If a particular mobile crane or rental company catches your eye, you can reach out to them directly through our platform. This approach allows for a personalized conversation about your crane rental needs. Quick Quote
    Alternatively, use the Quick Quote feature for a more streamlined process. Just enter your project details and receive tailored quotes from multiple mobile crane providers. It's a quick, efficient way to compare options and find the best deal.
  • Finalize Your Rental
    Once you decide on a rental company, you can finalize the agreement directly with them. This direct method ensures a clear and straightforward rental process, allowing you to confirm the mobile crane's suitability for your project without any extra complications.
With Crane Compare, renting a mobile crane is transparent, straightforward, and tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's for construction, industrial use, or a special project, we make sure you get the right mobile crane, right when you need it.
What is the availability and duration of the rental?
Availability and rental duration can vary depending on the crane rental company you choose through Crane Compare. We connect you with multiple providers, each with their scheduling and availability. You can arrange short-term rentals for quick projects or longer-term rentals for extended construction jobs. It's best to specify your project timeline when requesting quotes to ensure the crane you need is available for the duration required.
What's the difference between Bare vs. Operated mobile crane rentals?

Bare Mobile Crane Rental

This option provides just the mobile crane. You're responsible for hiring a certified operator, managing maintenance, repairs, and ensuring proper insurance. It's generally more budget-friendly and suitable if you have the resources to independently manage these aspects of the crane operation.

Operated and Maintained Mobile Crane Service

This comprehensive service generally includes the mobile crane, a professional operator, as well as setup, transportation, and insurance. It's ideal for those who prefer a complete, hassle-free package, especially beneficial for complex projects requiring expert handling.

Keep in mind that services may vary between rental companies. It's important to clarify with the provider exactly what their mobile crane rental services cover.
How much does it cost on average to rent a mobile crane in the USA?
The average cost of renting mobile cranes in the USA can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of crane (fixed, mobile, operated), the crane's capacity, the duration of the rental, location, and specific requirements of the project. Here's a general idea of the costs:

Duration Rates
  • Non-operated mobile cranes can range from approximately $100 to $600 per hour.
  • Operated mobile cranes, which include the cost of a skilled operator, typically range from $150 to $800 per hour, depending on the crane type and operator's experience.
  • For mobile cranes that are not operated, daily rental rates can range from about $500 to $2,500.
  • Operated mobile cranes may cost from $1,000 to several thousand dollars per day, based on the type of crane and complexity of the operation.

By comparing mobile crane options through us, you get to weigh costs against quality and availability. We’re your shortcut to getting the most competitive quotes for your mobile crane rental.
See all frequently asked questions about crane rentals with Crane Compare, and don't miss our checklist for key things to consider before renting a mobile crane.

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