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Rent operated and cranes, fixed or mobile, effortlessly across the USA with Crane Compare! We connect you quickly with top crane providers in your area, enabling you to compare quotes and secure the best rates. Tailored perfectly to your project's needs, we make hiring a crane with an operator simple and straightforward.

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Find the best operated crane rental deals in just three easy steps with Crane Compare! First, let us know what your project requires from an operated crane, be it mobile or fixed. Then, give us the details about your location and project timeline. Finally, sit back as top crane rental companies send you competitive offers. It's fast, easy, and designed to save you both time and money.
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Which type of crane do you need with an operator?

An operated crane hire includes both the rental of a crane and the services of a certified operator to manage the crane. This option is ideal for projects where specialized skill is required for crane operation, ensuring safety and efficiency on the worksite.

Guide to mobile vs. fixed operated cranes for your project

Selecting between a mobile or fixed operated crane depends on your project's requirements, lifting height, weight of materials, site accessibility, and the duration of your project.

Fixed Cranes

  • Suitability
    Best for long-term, high-capacity lifts in a stationary position. Commonly used in high-rise building construction, large-scale industrial projects, and infrastructure developments.
  • Lift Capacities
    Fixed cranes, like tower cranes, can lift from about 20 tons to over 100 tons. They have the advantage of height and reach, essential for tall structures.

Mobile Cranes

  • Suitability
    Ideal for projects requiring mobility and flexibility. Great for construction sites with limited space, different lift locations, home projects or when the crane needs to be moved frequently.
  • Lift Capacities
    Generally, mobile cranes can lift from 15 tons up to 100 tons.
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Tell us about your project.




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Explore local companies offering operated crane services, and find the one that's just right for your project, no matter where you are in the USA.

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FAQ about operated crane rental with Crane Compare

How does renting an operated crane Crane Compare work?
Renting a fixed or mobile crane with an operator is made easy with Crane Compare. Just follow these straightforward steps:
  • Find Your Operated Crane
    Begin by exploring the operated crane options on Crane Compare. Browse through a variety of rental companies, review their fleets of operated cranes, and read customer feedback. This step helps you pinpoint the most suitable crane for your project.
  • Connect with Rental Companies
    Direct Contact
    If a particular operated crane or rental company catches your attention, contact them directly through our platform. This allows you to have a direct conversation about your specific crane rental needs.
    Quick Quote
    Alternatively, you can use the Quick Quote feature for a more streamlined process. Simply enter the details of your project, and you'll receive custom quotes from several operated crane rental companies. It’s an effective way to compare offers and secure the best value.
  • Finalize Your Rental
    Once you've selected a rental company, you can finalize your rental agreement with them. This direct approach ensures a clear and straightforward rental process, helping you secure an operated crane that meets your project's precise requirements.
With Crane Compare, hiring an operated crane is simple and tailored to your needs. We help you find the right crane and operator at the rate that works for you.
What is generally included in an operated and maintained crane rental service?
An operated and maintained comprehensive crane rental service generally includes the mobile or fixed crane, a professional operator, as well as setup, transportation, and insurance. It's ideal for those who prefer a complete, hassle-free package, especially beneficial for complex projects requiring expert handling.

Keep in mind that services may vary between rental companies. It's important to clarify with the provider exactly what their operated crane rental services cover.
How are operated crane hire rates calculated? And what are the average costs for a crane with an operator?
Operated crane hire rates are influenced by factors like crane type, rental duration, operator expertise, and location. On average, hourly rates can range from $150 to $800, while daily rates typically starts at $1,000 to several thousand dollars per day. These costs can vary based on regional differences and specific crane requirements. It's recommended to confirm specific rates with the rental companies for your project.
Do I need any special permits for hiring an operated crane?
Yes, special permits may be required for operated crane hires, depending on your project’s location and the crane's size. These permits ensure compliance with local regulations and safety standards.
What training and qualifications do the crane operators have?
Crane operators provided in operated crane hires are typically certified and have undergone rigorous training. This includes safety protocols, operational skills, and specific training for different types of cranes. They often have years of experience in the field, ensuring expert handling of the equipment.

However, Crane Compare does not control the training or qualifications of operators. We recommend verifying specific credentials and experience with the crane rental companies directly.
See all frequently asked questions about crane rentals with Crane Compare, and don't miss our checklist for key things to consider before renting a operated crane.

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