Rent a crane for solar panel installation

Looking for a crane to install solar panels? From precisely placing solar panels to navigating installation challenges, Crane Compare helps you find and connect with the best crane rental services tailored to your solar project's requirements.

Your quick guide to the right crane rental service for installing solar panels

Crane Compare's straightforward guide for solar panel installation projects with cranes covers key considerations from choosing the right crane and understanding rental costs to ensuring safety and site accessibility required, making your project smooth and efficient.

Crane service best suited for installing solar panels

Mobile cranes are best suited for solar projects because they move easily and set up quickly, perfect for different locations, whether on expansive solar farms or atop residential or commercial buildings.

Average rental cost

The cost to rent a crane for solar panel installation ranges between $300 and $1,500 per day for a mobile crane. The rate varies based on crane size and capabilities needed for the specific solar panels.

Average duration

On average, small to medium solar projects might need a crane for 1-3 days, while larger installations could require a crane for up to several weeks.

Panel spec and load planning

Knowing the weight and dimensions of your solar panels helps choose a crane with the right capacity. Most solar panels weigh around 40 to 50 pounds each, but the cumulative load and reach need consideration.

Safety measures

Ensuring crane operators are trained in handling delicate materials like solar panels is crucial. Safety protocols must align with OSHA standards.

Permit requirements

Secure the necessary permits for crane operation on your site, the typical process involves securing local permits for crane operation, which can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the location.

Insurance coverage

Comprehensive insurance is essential and should include liability and damage coverage, essential for protecting your investment in solar panels.

Operator expertise

Operators experienced with solar installations can significantly impact the efficiency and safety of your project. Verify their certifications and experience.

Solar array installs

Flexibility in crane operation is needed to accommodate the varying layouts and orientations of solar arrays, critical for maximizing energy efficiency.

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