Rent a crane for tree removals

Need a crane for tree removal? Crane Compare helps to find you the best deals on mobile crane rentals across the USA, specifically suited for your tree removal projects. From compact city cranes to larger all-terrain models, connect directly with the best crane services for removing trees in your area.

Your quick guide to the right crane rental service for tree removals

Crane Compare's straightforward guide for tree removals with cranes covers key considerations from choosing the right crane and understanding rental costs to ensuring safety and lifting capacity required, making your tree removal smooth and efficient.

Which crane service for tree removals?

Mobile cranes are typically used for tree removals due to their flexibility and ability to operate in limited spaces.

Average rental cost

The cost of renting a mobile crane for tree removal can vary based on location, crane size, and duration, but on average ranges from $200 to $800 per day.

Average duration

The average time to remove a tree with a crane is usually between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the tree's size, number of trees and location.

Lifting capacity

The weight of a tree can vary significantly based on its type, size, and moisture content. On average, a crane for tree removal should have a minimum lifting capacity of 10 tons.

Safety protocols

Ensuring the crane operator and all personnel are trained in safety procedures and tree removal techniques is crucial for preventing accidents.

Permit requirements

Some locations may require a permit for tree removal, especially for large trees or those in urban areas. Verify that you have all permits required.

Insurance coverage

Verify that the crane rental company has adequate insurance to cover any potential damages or injuries during the tree removal process.

Environmental considerations

Assessing the impact on local wildlife and the surrounding environment is important before proceeding with tree removal.

Cleanup and disposal

Plan for the cleanup and disposal of the tree post-removal, which may involve additional equipment and costs.

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