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Quick guide to find the right crane rental service in Bridgeport, Fairfield

Crane Compare's quick tips for crane rentals in Bridgeport simplifies the process, covering how to choose the right crane, average rental durations, popular locations, and more popular questions answered.

Popular crane services

Mobile cranes are commonly used in construction, landscaping and residential installations, while Tower cranes are mainly used for long-term projects, particularly in Downtown Bridgeport.

Average rental cost

Mobile cranes typically cost between $575 to $1,975 per day in Bridgeport, while tower cranes have a setup fee plus monthly rates due to their complex assembly and disassembly processes.

Average duration

In Bridgeport, mobile crane rentals are commonly short-term, averaging from a few hours to days, while tower crane rentals tend to be longer, often spanning a few weeks to several months.

Key locations

There are several key areas in Bridgeport where crane rentals are in high demand including Downtown, Black Rock, North End, East End and Brooklawn.

Permit requirements

Obtaining the right permits is crucial for legal and safe crane operations in Bridgeport and across Fairfield, ensuring your project adheres to all local, county and state regulations.

Still have questions?

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Average rates for crane rental in Bridgeport for 2024

How much does it cost to rent a crane in Bridgeport?

The rates for renting mobile and fixed cranes in Bridgeport depend on factors like lifting capacity, location and job duration. Remember, additional fees may apply for setup, transport, and operator costs.

Crane Compare's quick insights into average rates for 2024 provide a general guide to help you estimate the cost of crane rental in Bridgeport. For accurate and competitive pricing that matches your project's exact requirements, directly contact local crane rental providers or try Crane Compare's Quick Quote feature.
Crane service Average rental rates (USD)

Mobile cranes

$175 - $475
$575 - $1,975
$3,250 - $8,750

Tower & fixed cranes

Hourly & Daily
Tower and fixed cranes are not typically rented by the hour due to their complex setup. The daily rate often represents a setup fee rather than a 24-hour rental charge.
$5,000 - $15,000
$15,000 - $40,000

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