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Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes

Capacity Varies widely, typically up to 600T.
About Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes feature a retractable boom that can extend or retract, offering adjustable heights and reach. They are known for their versatility in various construction scenarios.
Suited for Construction sites where variable heights and reach are needed, including commercial and residential building projects.

Mini Crawler Cranes

Capacity Generally ranges up to 10T.
About Mini Crawler Cranes are compact and maneuverable, ideal for operation in confined spaces. Despite their small size, they are powerful and efficient for various lifting tasks.
Suited for Urban construction, indoor projects, and any situation where space is limited or larger cranes cannot be used.

Heavy Lift Crawler Cranes

Capacity Extremely high, often exceeding 1000T.
About Heavy Lift Crawler Cranes are designed for major construction projects requiring extreme lifting capacity. They are essential for large-scale industrial and construction operations.
Suited for Large-scale construction projects such as bridge building, power stations, shipbuilding, and other major industrial tasks.


Average rates for crawler crane rental in the USA for 2024

Crane Compare's general overview of the expected average rental rates for different types of crawler cranes in the USA for 2024. Rates are given in daily and monthly terms, as crawler cranes are typically rented for extended periods rather than hourly.
  • Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane Rates

    Daily rates typically range from $1,500 to $3,000, while monthly rentals can cost between $18,000 and $28,000. These rates reflect the crane's adaptability and efficiency in diverse construction environments.
  • Mini Crawler Crane Rates

    Expect daily rental costs to be around $1,000 to $2,500, with monthly rates from $12,000 to $20,000. These cranes are ideal for confined spaces and urban construction projects.
  • Heavy Lift Crawler Crane Rates

    Due to their significant lifting capacity, daily rates can range from $2,500 to $5,000, with monthly rentals often between $30,000 and $50,000.
Keep in mind, these figures are rough estimates for crawler crane rentals in the USA for 2024. Actual rental costs can vary based on the specific crawler crane model, your location, and other factors like transport and setup. For precise rental prices tailored to your project, use Crane Compare. We'll connect you with local crane rental companies to get you competitve quotes tailored to your needs.
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FAQ about crawler crane rental with Crane Compare

How does renting a crawler crane with Crane Compare work?
Renting a crawler crane with Crane Compare is easy. Follow these simple steps:
  • Find the crawler crane you want
    Browse Crane Compare to see various crawler cranes and rental companies. Check out their fleets and customer reviews to find the best match for your project.
  • Connect with rental companies
    Contact companies directly through our platform for a personalized discussion, or use the Quick Quote feature to get fast, tailored quotes from several providers.
  • Finalize your rental
    Choose a rental company and finalize your agreement directly with them, free from intermediaries.
With Crane Compare, you get a transparent and straightforward rental experience with the company you choose, ensuring you find the perfect crawler crane service for your needs.
What is the availability and duration of the rental? Can I rent a crawler crane on an hourly basis?
Availability and rental duration can vary depending on the crane rental company you choose through Crane Compare. We connect you with multiple providers, each with their scheduling and availability.

Crawler cranes are typically rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, rather than hourly. This is due to several factors:
  • Setup and Transportation
    Crawler cranes require significant time and resources to transport to a site and set up. This makes hourly rental impractical, as the setup and dismantling time would not be cost-effective for short-term use.
  • Project Duration
    The types of projects that require crawler cranes (like large construction projects, industrial lifting, etc.) usually span several days, weeks, or even months. Therefore, longer rental periods are more common and practical.
  • Cost Efficiency
    For most construction projects, it is more cost-effective to rent cranes for longer periods. Hourly rentals would be more expensive and less efficient for both the rental company and the customer.
  • Operational Complexity
    Operating a crawler crane requires skilled personnel and careful planning. This complexity lends itself more to longer-term projects where the crane will be used extensively.
While some specialized rental services might offer hourly rates for very specific situations, this is not the norm in the industry. Daily, weekly, and monthly rentals are the standard practices for crawler crane rentals.

You can arrange short-term rentals for quick projects or longer-term rentals for extended construction jobs. It's best to specify your project timeline when requesting quotes to ensure the crawler crane you need is available for the duration required.
Do I need special permissions or licenses to rent a crawler crane?
Yes, special permits and licenses are typically required for renting and operating a crawler crane. You or the crane operator must adhere to local building and safety regulations and possess the necessary crane operating licenses. Additionally, obtaining insurance is crucial for covering potential risks and damages. Permits for the installation and use of the crane are often necessary as well, depending on the project's location and size.
See all frequently asked questions about crane rentals with Crane Compare, and don't miss our checklist for key things to consider before renting a crawler crane.

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